Our Work: The Trauma Action Group (TAG)

We think it’s brilliant that the world we live in is ever more aware of mental health, and the challenges people face every day because of it. Yet there’s one major mental health issue that is rarely mentioned: trauma.

It affects millions of people – and the people and organisations who care for them – but those impacts can be reduced with the right care and support, which is why we’re thrilled to be helping a new organisation put trauma firmly in view of public mental health.

It’s great to start with a clean slate, including the name of the company itself. We settled on the Trauma Action Group, which neatly condenses down to TAG.

We worked with the client to undestand their unique offering, and to find a way to communicate which was engaging but honest to the reality of trauma.

We developed an entire brand architecture with colour schemes, fonts and images, plus a detailed messaging plan and communications strategy.

We helped them bring their message to life with training materials, templates and collateral.

We even developed and hosted a series of webinars detailing the relationship between trauma and the coronavirus pandemic.

We love how it’s turned out, giving TAG a fresh and consistent way to express the challenges of trauma and the solutions they offer for overcoming it.

Visit the website at www.tagtrauma.com

Services: Brand, creative direction, copywriting, print production, web design, training development