Our Work: Helping an Aussie fashion brand share its unique purpose

One P Design is carving out a unique identity in the fashion world: a label built on its purpose, not trends.

It aims to give women a smart, flexible, easy-to-clean wardrobe made from sustainable, comfortable materials.

We instantly loved the approach, but noticed a small problem with the brand’s way of speaking. For a company that wanted to give women time back (less time spent choosing clothes = more time for other things), they were taking a little too long to say it.

We worked with their web team to develop a sharper, more succinct writing style and a more lively tone of voice. We restructured existing pages of content and focussed on the ‘F’ reading pattern, putting the most important ideas first and cutting the word count in half.

Our copywriting guidelines give the team everything they need to continue to speak in a tone of voice which is sincere, positive, and to the point.

Visit the site at www.onepdesign.com.au

Services: Creative strategy, copywriting