Our Work: Helping a natural resources company share its good work with the world

Like many of our clients, this natural resources company did lots of great work – but was struggling to get the message out.

As with every project, we worked with our clients to really uncover the stuff that was most important to them – and find compelling ways to share those ideas with the world.

Not many companies also run their own health service. Such is the reality of working in Papua New Guinea, where the natural resources below the ground are plentiful but the infrastructure above ground is lacking.

Our client had built an entire medical infrastructure to serve the needs of their employees, but made the services available to everyone in the community. For the first time, public health basics – like immunisation – were freely available.

This is challenging stuff to get right, so we made sure not to sugar-coat the reality. We developed a journalistic style of communication, employing reportage-style words and images taken from the front line.

We even produced essential health packs for those visiting the country, packed with essential information about health and safety and packed into a small, wallet-sized format.

Suddenly, they looked like more than just a company: they were a vial part of a community.

Visit their website at www.oilsearch.com

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