Our Work: A new site for Headsight

We’ve had a brilliant time working with the team at Headsight Services, a slightly unusual organisation to say the least.

They’re a very unconventional provider of mental health services like therapy and training. They’re brilliant at what they do – frequently asked to appear at seminars and train-the-trainer events – yet they’re down-to-Earth.

We worked with Headsight to create a new website that reflected their personalities, without trivialising the seriousness of what they do.

We helped them better articulate the things that meant the most to them, including their large (and growing) family of animals, some of whom are used as part of the therapy process.

We side-stepped the contemporary trend for flat, graphical design – and instead opted for rich textures, bold colours, and vivid imagery. We created a new, relaxed tone of voice, with snappier text elements and crisper language.

We did it without completely throwing out the existing brand: the new style builds on the previous logo but incorporates new features.

With the site built, we’ve handed over the keys to the team to manage inhouse, helping them put their own stamp on what we’ve made for them – and we’ve extended the new look and feel into their documents, training materials and print.

Visit the new site at www.headsightservices.com

Services: Brand, creative direction, copywriting, web design